MAK’s ‘data management’ solutions are delivered using mDataManagerTM, a powerful enterprise level software application designed from the ground up for performing complex, business-rule driven data management functions:

  • Data Conversion
  • Archive and Purge
  • Data Integrity Analysis
  • Data Sub-Setting
  • Support Environment Productivity tool

Data Copy, Data Replication, Data Snapshot and Refresh

Key Features:

Enterprise Application:

  • Single tool for multiple data management functions.
  • ‘Application’, ‘Database’, and ‘Platform’ independent.


  • “Rules and Filters” adapts tool to achieve any business logic.
  • “Input parameters” used to tailor process execution.
  • Processes are not coded or compiled; configured thru XML and customizable without changing baseline.
  • Supports multiple sources & targets simultaneously.


  • Engine inherently ‘multi-threaded’ to maximize performance.
  • Detailed statistics maintained for performance analysis.

Data Integrity Validation:

  • Processes automatically validate integrity of end result.
  • Multiple levels of client specified pre/post validations (counts, sums, financial balances, etc.).


  • Reporting built in and automatic.
  • Use base status and audit reports…or customize your own.


  • Built-in scheduler or use 3rd party scheduling application.
  • Supports “Pre-Identification” of changes to data structures.